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"This is an amazing book. I would rank it as a top 3 leadership book in the fire service. It's written in 'firefighter language' and has many practical take-home lessons you can put into play right away in your firehouse. I normally highlight profound statements in books I read. Let's just say.... my highlighter almost ran out ink!  This book should honestly be in the $50-75 range - it's THAT valuable."
 - Alexander Hickey
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Introducing Fix Your Firehouse - 7 Strategies that produce a winning team
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  • There are plenty of leadership books out there sharing a few tips here and there. Most of the books come from a business or military perspective.  This book comes from experience in a firehouse. No fluff. No theories. Just jam-packed full of nuggets of knowledge you can start using in your firehouse today.
  • If you don’t step up and take on the responsibility then who will? You can decide to sit back on the sidelines however don’t complain about the performance of the team then.
  • A team in the firehouse is a team on the fire ground. This is accomplished by everyone knowing what the plays are. We must know what we must do and what the person next to us is going to do.
  • There are similarities to being a family at home and a family in your firehouse
  • It’ s not about having time, It’ s about MAKING time. You need to set priorities, resources are not limitless.
  • Got kids who nap? How do kids act when they miss a nap or when it’ s close to bed time? Probably start getting crabby and irritable. They are exhausted and need rest. We are the same way. When basic needs are not met like hunger and sleep, we are more irritable and less on our game.
  • Ever see a happier crew than one who just caught a job? Doing our job makes us happy. We feel value when we perform the skills we specialized in. Companies who catch fire regularly start seeing a decline in morale after a few shifts without a fire. When was your last fire? A week, month, year ago? How can we keep people motivated and committed to the team with long spans between catching a fire?.
  • Our time here at the department is leased. It has an expiration date. The de-partment was here long before us and will be here long after us. You are either improving it or weakening it. There is no in-between.
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"Make some room for this book on your shelf! John’s book is an awesome read for anyone looking to make positive change in their firehouse. You can feel the passion he has for his people, his station, and the fire service with each turn of the page. This is not a book that will take you long to read; simply because John keeps you engaged with straight to the point content and no filler. Reading fix your firehouse will allow you to do just that. If you are a firefighter or a company officer who wants to make some changes, John’s book will get you there."
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